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Friends and Family

Do you want to help someone you care about to stop smoking?

You play an important role in helping your friend or family member quit. They have a better chance of quitting when they are supported by friends and family

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Ask them how you can help

Everyone is different. Ask your friend to tell you about why and how they plan to quit. You might want to give them advice, especially if you used to smoke. Hear their thoughts first and ask them how you can support their plan.  Let them know you are there for them.

  1. Be understanding

Breaking an addiction is tough. Your friend or family member may feel irritable or in a bad mood after quitting. These are common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and they will pass. Give them the space they need to get through these tough times. Ask them how you can help.

  1. Don’t nag

Stress is the last thing a smoker needs. If you nag them about smoking, you could push them back to tobacco use. Ask them how you can help. Be positive so they can be positive too.

  1. Help distract them

Cravings happen. Help your family member get through cravings by distracting them – go with them for a walk or shopping. Sometimes they may just need to talk to someone.

  1. Celebrate success

Celebrate with your friend or family member their successes. Did they make it through one day without smoking? Hurrah! Two weeks? Amazing! Celebrate their achievements.

  1. Tell your friend about Tobacco Free Nova Scotia

The Tobacco Free Nova Scotia program offers free, confidential and non-judgmental support about how your friend or family member can quit smoking. A caring counsellor can work with them, at their pace, to help them develop and follow their own plan. Learn more.