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9 Best Smoking Cessation Apps for 2021

Smoking stays the main motive of preventable ailment and dying withinside the United States. And due to the character of nicotine, it may be near not possible to kick the addiction. But there are alternatives that may assist, and your telecellsmartphone is certainly considered one among them.

We’ve rounded up the exceptional apps on iPhone and Android gadgets that let you end smoking. Between their quality, reliability, and extremely good reviews, those apps will assist you end your addiction in the future at a time.

  1. QuitNow!
  2. Smoke Free
  3. Quit Tracker
  4. Access Therapy 24/7
  5. Quit Genius
  6. My QuitBuddy
  7. Flamy
  8. Stop Smoking
  9. Quit Smoking – Stop Smoking Counter



QuitNow! makes quitting less difficult with the aid of using supporting you consciousness your strength into 4 sections — your new ex-smoker status, 70 ex-smoker achievements to maintain you stimulated, a robust ex-smoker community, and your newfound fitness improvements. Browse often requested questions or ask the QuitNow! bot questions of your personal.

Smoke Free

This app takes a science-subsidized technique with extra than 20 evidence-primarily based totally strategies that will help you end smoking for good. Log your cravings and get recommendations for coping with them, plus insights into yearning styles and graphs to reveal your general progression. You additionally have the choice of collaborating in a rigorous medical test on the way to assist extra humans end smoking efficaciously.

There are methods to end with SmokeFree. Choose the end mode in case you’re especially stimulated, or use the lessen mode in case you want extra time. This App Developers Florida acts as your partner in the course of the quitting process, supporting you slowly lessen your cigarette use so your frame adapts. Features consist of wealthy motivational recommendations, non-public stats, and economic and fitness achievements.

Quit Tracker

This app is a motivational device which tracks the fitness and economic blessings you’ll experience each day you withstand a cigarette. Use the app to music how near you're to dwelling a smoke-unfastened existence, how lots cash you’re saving, and what kind of existence you’ve regained. There’s additionally a timeline that indicates you ways quick you begin taking part in fitness blessings.Find a therapist from BetterHelp’s community of specialists to your dependancy healing journey. Take a quiz, get matched, and begin getting assist through telecellsmartphone or video sessions.

Access Therapy 24/7

With this app, you could watch all components of your fitness improve, out of your blood stream and oxygen ranges for your senses of flavor and smell. Use the sluggish mode that will help you forestall smoking slowly, with a custom designed plan only for you. Earn badges as rewards and strive the reminiscence sport while cravings strike.

Quit Genius

This app makes use of behavioral amendment gear primarily based totally at the thoughts at the back of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that will help you advantage manage over your personal movements as you try and end. Rather than forcing you to end proper away, the app lets in you to set your personal dreams for quitting. The app then rewards you with the aid of using telling you ways lots cash you’ve stored, what number of years of your existence you’ve regained, and gives gear that let you slowly however without a doubt attain the end line of quitting.

My QuitBuddy

My QuitBuddy is pretty actually a “partner” app that will help you music the variations for your fitness and life-style while you end smoking. Using a stay map of your frame displaying how lots more healthy your lungs and different elements of your frame are, along side lists of the way lots cash you’ve stored and tar you averted installing your frame, My QuitBuddy is to your side. The app can even provide you with little video games to play, together with doodling, to assist take your thoughts off your cravings.


Flamy doesn’t waste any time. Right off the bat, the app gives you a 14-day project to end smoking in weeks or a “one much less each day” alternative that helps you to regularly take away cigarettes out of your life-style. The app additionally gives video games that distract you from cravings, plus demanding situations for you and your buddies so you can encourage every different to end smoking. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, however Flamy makes it experience like a real accomplishment.

Stop Smoking

This app will assist you do precisely what it says: forestall smoking. And it'll forestall at not anything to ensure you've got got the proper gear to end: a tracker telling you ways lots cash you’ve stored, a diary to music your development or percentage with different app users, or even a characteristic that lets in you to look how the cash you’ve stored may be used for gadgets to your Amazon wishlist.

Quit Smoking – Stop Smoking Counter

This app is supposed to be an all-in-one information tracker, facts source, and assist system. It’ll inform you how lots nicotine and tar you’re saving your frame from plus the alternative blessings of quitting. Hear memories and recommendations from humans who've efficaciously end the usage of quite a few techniques, and comply with established quitting techniques first delivered with the aid of using British writer Allen Carr.

Smoking Log – Stop Smoking

This app is all approximately dreams: you input every cigarette you smoke after which set your personal dreams for quitting. Then, the app offers you gear and facts to expose you ways you’re coming alongside each day with regards to the ones dreams and the way you could live stimulated to end. You’ll see a dashboard and charts that display your development over time, stats that music your smoking conduct over time, and notifications that degree your development closer to your dreams.